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Vertical gardens provide a green solution that significantly reduces the energy consumption of buildings. The natural thermal insulation of plants helps to warm spaces in cold weather conditions and keeps them cool in hot weather conditions. This reduces the energy use of air conditioning systems and therefore saves energy. This process both cuts costs and reduces our environmental footprint. Vertical gardens also contribute to reducing the heat island effect in cities. This effect is the increase in temperatures in urban centers due to dense construction and surface coverings. Vertical gardens alleviate this problem with their cooling and moisturizing effect.

Sound Insulation

The natural structure of the plants enables vertical gardens to create an excellent sound barrier. This is an important advantage, especially in noisy city environments or open office designs. Vertical gardens filter external sounds and thus provide a quieter and more focused working environment. In addition, space designs with vertical gardens can increase employee productivity and job satisfaction. The presence of green spaces in work environments reduces stress levels and thus creates a more productive and healthy work life.

Integration with Nature

Urbanization and construction make our connection with nature more difficult. But vertical gardens offer the opportunity to restore this connection. Even in a small space they can host a wide variety of plants, bringing the natural world into our homes and workplaces. The beauty and diversity of nature not only provides an aesthetic experience, but also positively affects people's mood and general well-being. Vertical gardens are therefore not only a design element, but also a tool to improve quality of life.

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Vertical gardens play an important role in increasing biodiversity in urban environments. By hosting a variety of plant species, even in a small area, they create habitat and food sources for different species of insects and birds. In addition to increasing biodiversity, this also contributes to the healthy functioning of urban ecosystems.

Vertical Gardens: The New Face of Green

Vertical gardens are a type of garden created by placing plants on a vertical surface, usually a wall, in different ways depending on the system used. They can be used both indoors and outdoors and offer a return to nature, especially in a concrete city. Vertical gardens are not only an aesthetic pleasure, but also a means of creating green spaces that provide many benefits.

Municipalities and corporate organizations can use them as a design element to reflect their regional history and culture. For example, a vertical garden can be created to reflect the natural history and biodiversity of a region by using local plant species. At the same time, these gardens can also be used as part of their corporate identity. This can be an important tool for municipalities and companies to showcase their sustainability efforts and create a green image.

Vertical gardens can also be used to support wildlife in megacities. They can create habitats for birds and insects in cities. Plants used in vertical gardens can include flowers and fruits that can attract birds and provide food for insects. Thus, these gardens can play an important role in the urban ecosystem.

Vertical gardens not only create a visual impact, but also provide a wide range of benefits such as environmental sustainability, reflecting local culture and history, and creating habitat for the urban ecosystem. For this reason, vertical gardens are becoming more common in both our personal and collective living spaces.

Vertical Garden Systems

These gardens are generally used in large spaces. It is extremely suitable for use both on exteriors and interiors. In recent years, it is possible to see these structures in small offices as well as large companies and institutions. Natural and artificial vertical garden systems can be applied even inside houses due to their decorative features. The fact that vertical gardens are natural and lively supports their use in living spaces. Vertical gardens infuse energy and tranquility to both exterior and interior spaces. Vertical garden systems make vertical areas, often walls, suitable for placing living and artificial plants in a certain order. It is an alternative and advantageous system, especially for spaces with too many concrete walls. In this way, it gives us the opportunity to live in nature because we long for nature in city life. Vertical garden construction involves a very laborious and detailed process. With these systems, which are sometimes called green walls, all or part of the walls can be covered. These systems also offer solutions for irrigation. Irrigation systems can also be placed in the gardens in accordance with the structure. In this way, you can realize that the plants grow on their own in a much more effortless way. Silvanus has maximized and continues to maximize the benefits of vertical garden construction, perspective, use and benefits with its creative designs and automatic irrigation systems applied in vertical gardens.

Functional and Environmentally Friendly Vertical Garden Designs

Vertical gardens are an innovation of modern architecture and provide many aesthetic, environmental and social benefits. One of the biggest advantages of vertical gardens is space saving. Even in limited spaces, 20 to 30 plants per square meter can be used. This is a valuable feature, especially in tight urban areas. Furthermore, thanks to the plant density of vertical gardens, even a small wall can absorb and store as much carbon as a medium-sized tree can. The environmental benefits of vertical gardens are not just based on carbon absorption. They cool the air by evaporating liquid water, reducing traffic noise and urban heat islands. Furthermore, in indoor systems, the amount of oxygen produced by the plants can significantly improve the air quality of the indoor environment. This is a great advantage, especially for those working in office environments. The environmental benefits of these gardens are not just physical. Vertical gardens also have a positive impact on society. People feel more peaceful, happy and stress-free in green environments. This is an important factor for both individual and societal health and well-being. Economically, vertical gardens have the potential to increase the value of real estate. This is an attractive feature for both residential and commercial property owners. The natural character and warm weather that vertical gardens add create a positive impression of these structures. Energy savings are also one of the economic benefits of vertical gardens. Vertical gardens can cool the building by protecting the walls from UV rays and act as an extra layer of insulation in winter. This can significantly reduce both energy consumption and energy costs.

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Functional Vertical Garden Designs

Thanks to vertical gardens, you have the opportunity to create a decoration as you wish. On these gardens, you can make shapes with plants, print text and even carry your company's logo. This allows you to strengthen your corporate identity as well as being aesthetically successful. One of the most important features of vertical gardens is that they give the building an aesthetic appearance. It is possible to see these gardens at many different points. In addition, with the increasing ecological awareness, brands also use these gardens for promotion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vertical gardens are systems that can be easily applied indoors or outdoors. These systems can be used both in narrow spaces and in large environments. These systems, which add vitality to the space vertically, are widely used especially in corporate companies. In addition, it has started to be used increasingly in small offices. You can witness that this system is widely used in shopping centers and hotels. Recently, these systems have also become preferred in homes.

Vertical gardens are frequently used in buildings with a modern architectural approach. The rise in ecological awareness in recent years has a great contribution to this. In addition to providing an aesthetic appearance, they are very important structures in terms of cleaning the air, providing heat balance and reducing the stress of people in the environment.

If you want to set up a vertical garden in your building, it is possible to talk about the existence of many different systems. What kind of plants will be used in the garden and what kind of garden will be created will vary depending on your wishes. These systems can be easily implemented by an experienced staff. Once you decide what kind of system to choose, all the plants, pots, irrigation system etc. will be selected accordingly. It is possible to make a collage with many different plants in vertical gardens that you will use for decorative purposes. In this way, you can also make your walls colorful. In this way, you can always experience the feeling of vitality and freshness.

If you want to install a vertical garden in your building, there are many different systems. What kind of plants will be used in the garden and what kind of garden will be created will vary depending entirely on your wishes. These systems can be easily implemented by an experienced and professional team. Once you decide what kind of system to choose, all plants, design, irrigation system, etc. will be selected accordingly. In vertical gardens that you will use for decorative purposes, it is possible to make collages with many different plants. In this way, you can also make the walls colorful. In this way, you can always experience the feeling of vitality and freshness.

Vertical gardens are decorative products used in many different areas due to their advantages. The implementation of these systems requires a very professional experience. However, it is important to work with the right company. An experienced company that understands what you want, offers alternative solutions, will help you get exactly the vertical garden you want. Silvanus is the first vertical garden company established in Turkey and has received many awards in this field. With 12 years of experience, it has realized many vertical garden projects that have made a name for itself.

Vertical garden prices vary depending on many different criteria. Criteria such as how many square meters will be applied to an area, how many plants will be used, which plants will be used, and which plants will be used, also lead to the emergence of vertical garden prices. You can contact us immediately for all your questions about vertical gardens and get detailed information from our expert staff.

If you want to have a vertical garden, you should first contact expert vertical garden professionals. You can request a project proposal by contacting us via the contact information on our website.

After the completion of the vertical gardens, you can get support from our expert team regarding their maintenance.

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