Lefaxx Textile; Reflect Your Environmental Approach to Your Business

About the Project

As Silvanus, as a company that loves nature and reflects its environmentalist approach to its work, we realized a moss wall application for Lefaxx, a textile showroom located in Bağcılar. In this study, which was carried out on an area of approximately 45 square meters, different types of moss such as flatmoss and ballmoss were used. With a ratio of 70% flatmoss and 30% ballmoss, a natural look was achieved.

Reflect Our Environmental Approach to Your Brand

This project was made to reflect the brand’s green approach, emphasizing the use of recycled materials in its production. Moss wall applications are a great way to reflect a green approach and create an eco-friendly image using natural materials. As Silvanus, we preferred this application because it is made with natural materials and gives a natural look.

The Healing Power of Nature

The implementation of the moss wall has also made a great contribution to the brand’s image. A natural look and a green approach can be used as a great way to reflect the brand’s values. The application of the moss wall helped Lefaxx to create a natural and warm atmosphere, while at the same time conveying a message emphasizing that its products are made from recycled materials.

Natural and Environmentally Friendly Approach

As Silvanus, we believe that natural and environmentally friendly approaches such as moss wall applications can make a great contribution to the image of brands. With this project, we successfully realized our project, which reflects Lefaxx’s environmentalist values while providing a natural experience to its customers by providing a spacious working atmosphere.

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