Environmentally Friendly Innovation

About the Project

The “moss wall” project we recently realized for the Pod Hotel at Istanbul Airport is an eco-friendly innovation that revitalizes spaces with its eye-catching design and natural elements. The project consisted of a 60m2 moss wall. In the design, we used moss species such as flatmoss, ballmoss and reindermoss proportionally to recreate a natural mosaic. Using 20 percent flatmoss, 40 percent ballmoss and 40 percent reindermoss, we achieved a striking visual diversity with its colors and textures.

Meet Your Natural Sound Insulation

Moss walls not only offer aesthetic pleasure, but also bring numerous benefits to a space. Mosses provide a natural sound insulation, improve air quality and reduce stress. Therefore, our moss wall, located near the rest rooms of the Pod Hotel, helped guests to relax and rejuvenate. It also added a fresh and modern touch to the overall atmosphere of the airport.

Living Painting Moss Walls

At Silvanus, we not only make spaces more aesthetic, but also reshape them using natural elements that make them feel like a living painting. Moss walls can be applied in many different spaces, from hotels to offices, shopping centers to restaurants. Each application makes the space more inviting and relaxing.

Natural and Environmentally Friendly Approach

Silvanus’ moss walls not only add aesthetic value to spaces, but also come with many health and eco-friendly benefits. Contact us to see how we can help you with your next project. With our moss walls, you have the power to transform your space and create an environment that everyone admires.

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