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Lefaxx Textile: Moss Wall

As Silvanus, as a company that loves nature and reflects its environmentalist approach to its work, we realized a moss wall application for Lefaxx, a textile showroom located in Bağcılar. In this study, which was carried out on an area of approximately 45 square meters, different types of moss such as flatmoss and ballmoss were used. With a ratio of 70% flatmoss and 30% ballmoss, a natural look was achieved.

Expo Antalya: Vertical Garden

Silvanus’ vertical garden project at Expo Antalya is an example of presenting Istanbul’s historical values in a modern way and adding a new richness to the city. The project was realized on an area of 300 square meters and a total of 10,000 plants were used. These plants were placed on top of the walls using vertical garden technology to create living walls.

Iga-Pod Hotel: Moss Wall

The “moss wall” project we recently realized for the Pod Hotel at Istanbul Airport is an eco-friendly innovation that enlivens spaces with its eye-catching design and natural elements. The project consisted of a moss wall spread over a total area of 60m2. In the design, we used moss species such as flatmoss, ballmoss and reindermoss proportionally to create a natural mosaic. Using 20 percent flatmoss, 40 percent ballmoss and 40 percent reindermoss, we achieved a striking visual diversity with its colors and textures.

Üsküdar Belediyesi: Vertical Garden

Silvanus, a vertical garden company, collaborated with Üsküdar Municipality to develop a 100m2 vertical garden project near the Mihrimah Sultan Mosque in the heart of the city. This project was designed using large-scale plant motifs and specific tree branches, consisting entirely of living plants. A total of 3,000 plants were used in this project, which aesthetically showcases the historical values of Istanbul.

Simit Sarayı

Moss Wall Examples

Swiss Hotel Exterior

Vertical Garden

Alancha Restaurant Interior

Vertical Garden

Teknopark Interıor

Moss Wall Project

Nopa Restaurant Interior

Vertical Garden

İTÜ Exterior

Vertical Garden

Mandarin Exterior

Vertical Garden

Mercedes Interior

Moss Wall

ERSE Textile

Moss Wall

Presidential Huber Pavilion

Moss Wall

ASMED Interior

Vertical Garden

LUKOIL Interior

Moss Wall

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