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Wall Art: Moss Wall

Moss walls are popular for their aesthetic and environmental advantages. Taken from nature, mosses are preserved with a natural resin and brought into our living spaces. These designs offer an environmental image as well as adding aesthetic appeal to their surroundings. Each moss wall is specially designed for the space where it is located and contributes to the atmosphere of the space. Moss walls provide an ideal background for photography and create social media-friendly spaces. In architecture, moss walls create a meeting point with nature and add greenery and peace to your life.

High Energy Emitted to the Environment

Perhaps the biggest advantage of moss walls is that they create a natural atmosphere that adds vitality. They give a fresh and spacious feeling, making people feel more peaceful and revitalized. As an element that encourages creativity, moss walls are ideal for companies and workspaces. It boosts employee morale and creates a greener and more sustainable work environment. Moss walls allow brands to showcase an environmental profile and gain a sustainable brand image.

Sustainable Walls

Another advantage of moss walls is that they offer long-term use without maintenance. Once installed, these walls retain their durability and aesthetic appearance for years to come. This makes moss walls both a practical and sustainable option. They offer the perfect balance between protecting nature and creating aesthetic value."

What is Moss Wall?

Moss walls are systems used in interior design, mounted on walls or vertical surfaces, providing a decorative and aesthetic appearance. These nature-inspired designs are composed of 100% real moss, carefully selected and collected by Silvanus. These mosses are a maintenance-free, long-lasting option that offers a stunning visual experience.
The mosses have undergone a conservation process and can be dissected, cut and painted. This offers unlimited creativity and individuality in interior design. Moss walls bring the vibrant green tones of nature indoors, interrupting the gray texture of concrete cities. This has a positive effect on human psychology and improves the overall quality of life.
Moss walls not only offer an aesthetic appearance from a decorative point of view, but also offer a wide range of options in terms of design. You can choose moss in different colors, create a specific design or pattern, or even place your brand logo or text of your choice. This is a great advantage, especially in terms of strengthening the corporate identity of companies and creating a unique brand experience.
In summary, moss walls are a nature-inspired, maintenance-free and highly aesthetic interior design solution. It transforms every space into a creative and customizable work of art that makes its users feel the peace and vitality of nature.

Moss Wall Properties

Moss walls have many different features and advantages. This type of application that you will prefer in your building will also make people happier. The following items can be listed for moss wall features;

  • 100% Natural Moss

    All ingredients consist of 100% natural mosses. It is carefully collected from nature and preserved with the mummification process by selecting quality moss species.

  • Environmentally Friendly Collection

    Mosses are collected without any harm to the ecological order. The collected mosses are processed with organic materials. They are made of 100% recyclable materials. In this way, they do not harm the ecological balance.

  • Minimum Maintenance

    They do not need care. They do not need sunlight and watering like plants grown in pots.

  • Use in All Interior Designs

    Moss walls, which can be used in all interior designs, are very useful in terms of carrying the traces of nature in the spaces and adding freshness. Since they are durable materials, you can get a decorative area that you can use for many years without any problems.

  • Provides Sound Isolation

    Natural mosses can absorb high frequency sounds. In this way, very good sound insulation can be achieved.

  • Completes Your Decoration

    They blend very well with modern buildings. In this way, they are systems that combine and contribute to the whole in terms of decoration.

Where is the moss wall used?

Natural moss walls are used in many different areas today. You can often encounter these walls in shopping centers, hotels and similar businesses. It is also widely used in corporate company buildings and offices. The fact that there is no need for maintenance and its aesthetic value has made moss walls more preferred in such businesses. Moss walls are also popular in gardens, terraces, balconies and courtyards. They are frequently used in public areas such as cafes and restaurants, but also in homes. Thanks to the advantages of these systems, their areas of use are expanding day by day and their popularity is increasing. In terms of brand awareness, moss walls offer a great opportunity for businesses. With the potential to create an environmentally sensitive and sustainable image, they allow brands to showcase their values and environmental awareness. In addition, the brand's logo or slogan can be placed on moss walls, making the brand identity stand out and attracting the attention of customers.

Stabilized and Mummified Mosses

Flat moss, ball moss and reinderr moss species are commonly used in moss walls. For these mosses, stabilization is done using some special techniques. This process protects the plants from external factors. At the same time, this process eliminates the need for maintenance. In the stabilization process, mummified mosses are obtained by using completely organic materials. Thanks to a glycerin-based mixture, the protection process is carried out. Thanks to this preservation process, the mosses retain their natural appearance, structural features and colors for a long time. Stabilized Terramoss mosses are completely our own production. These mosses are handcrafted using different designs depending on your expectations.

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Frequently Ask Questions

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by those who want to have these systems installed on their walls. Moss walls do not cause any damage to the area where they are installed, the wall or the environment. On the contrary, they prolong the life of the wall on which they are installed.

The algae used in these systems has no harm to health. In addition to its physical advantages, it also psychologically relaxes the people around and reduces stress levels.

There are no chemicals in these systems that can harm your health. During the stabilization process of these algae, vegetable glycerin and plant sap react to complete the embalming process.

In addition to its many features and advantages, moss wall is a satisfying decoration member with its prices. The prices of these systems vary depending on many different factors. Moss wall m2 price will vary depending on the type of moss you prefer. In addition, how much area will be covered is also an important variable in terms of prices.

You can contact us immediately to get detailed information about moss wall types, designs and prices. Our expert staff will answer all your questions and prepare alternative solutions for you.

Moss walls that you use for many years without any maintenance do not need maintenance. Color changes that occur in some cases are normal due to the fact that moss walls are a natural product. In these cases, we revise moss walls with natural and simple processes. Each form of moss wall nature adds rich aesthetic values to your living spaces.

Examples Of Moss Wall

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