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Moss Frame

Moss frames are products that provide you with pleasure both psychologically and decoratively in the greyness of the city. These mosses can have completely different colors and patterns. Besides, it is possible to design various moss frames on which logos are applied for companies. The frames, which have limitless design possibilities, also have a very wide scale in dimensions. This way, you can hang these live frames wherever you want, in whatever design and color you want.

The moss used in live moss frames can be of very different varieties. These mosses are mummified. This way, they don’t need any care. You can hang these frames wherever you want without having to endure hassles such as sunlight, watering, pruning, or fertilizing. Especially in areas where a system that will cover the entire wall cannot be installed, these frames will allow you to create a natural and elegant decoration.

  • Used Everywhere

    Live moss frames can be preferred by anyone who wants to add a decorative touch to their living spaces. These frames are handmade. Being alive is also one of the striking features. This way, it provides a pleasant and stylish appearance to the area where it is located. The visual value and quality of these frames that can be combined with different moss varieties are quite high. These mosses, designed in special workshops, have been completely cleaned and stabilized. As a result, lifeless and gray concrete gains life in a green and colorful way.

  • You Can Personalize

    These frames can be painted in whatever colors you want. Different patterns, logos, and writings can also be made on them. You can easily see these frames on many office walls. They are one of the products whose usage areas increase day by day. The mosses in its content also help clean the air. This allows you to create a cleaner and fresher environment. It is known to reduce diseases transmitted through the air. In addition to its physical benefits, it is a frame that also makes people feel good mentally. They create a cheerful and enjoyable detail for those who get bored of the grayness of concrete. Their green color has a significant effect on human psychology.

  • Various Moss Types

    Making a moss frame is one of the most curious topics. First of all, it will be useful to know which types of moss are included in these frames. In moss frames; mosses such as ballmoss, reindeer moss, and flatmoss are included. These mosses are usually grown specially. In this way, mosses that are not collected from nature are used. These specially grown mosses undergo a special process after being collected.

Various Uses of Moss Frames

With their versatile usage areas, moss frames find themselves a place in a wide range from businesses to homes. The ability to apply desired logos and designs makes these products quite attractive for companies and offices. Moss frames will enhance your company's corporate identity while also increasing your employees' level of happiness. Moss frames decorating the walls in businesses such as restaurants and hotels have become an important part of decoration. Different color options offer you various decoration possibilities. With the ability to write on, moss frames allow you to express your creativity.

The Address of Aesthetic Touches: Moss Frames

Moss frames have become a popular choice in home decoration in recent times. These frames not only make spaces more aesthetic, spacious, and harmonious, but also offer a practical solution by not requiring maintenance. The natural appearance and universal harmony of moss frames make them easily integrable into any kind of interior design. Moss frames provide both a fresh atmosphere and an aesthetic appearance. Contact us for more details and pricing information on moss frames.

Moss Frame Prices

The prices of moss frames vary depending on the type of moss used, size, and design. Our products are produced entirely with natural materials and craftsmanship, which ensures each product is unique. With custom designs, we can create a unique gift for both yourself and your loved ones. Silvanus adds a unique touch to your living spaces by producing natural and decorative products like moss frames. We aim to provide you with the highest quality products at the best prices.

Moss Frame Samples

Check out our gallery of moss frame samples from some of the projects we’ve done. You can contact us now for detailed information about the moss frame.

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