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What is Landscape?

Landscape design is the name given to all the arrangements made in a garden, which generally stands out with its aesthetic appearance and stands out with its function and maintenance process. In landscape design, which is essentially about bringing natural elements together and creating an area that looks pleasing to people, the intended use of the area and ease of use are also among the important issues. In order to create an aesthetic garden, colors, patterns, lines, scaling and texture should be taken into account.
Landscape design can be done in many areas. Residential gardens, roadsides, parks, gardens, gardens, green areas and even walls… Flowers and trees have an important role in an arrangement where living plants are used extensively. In recent years, vertical gardens are one of the most commonly used elements in landscaping. Designed by taking into account climatic characteristics, the environments exhibit a pleasant appearance throughout the four seasons.

Why Landscape Design?

Landscape designs are made especially for their aesthetic and decorative features. Almost everyone wants to have a stunning and functional garden. However, especially corporate companies and public organizations need these designs much more. It will be much easier to create the culture and identity of your brand with these designs. In addition to plants, you have the opportunity to skillfully embroider your brand's slogan and logo on the garden.

Landscape Adds Value

Landscaping is also very valuable for businesses such as restaurants, shopping centers and hotels. While this type of arrangement reflects the value and culture of your brand, it also offers visitors an area where they can relax and satisfy their longing for nature. Thanks to ecological landscape design, you may notice that people are happier. Especially in the grayness of city life, a green and organized area will have positive effects on human psychology.

Makes You Feel Better

In environments such as hospitals, it will make patients feel much better. Landscaping in residential gardens can reflect your personality and provide an environment for all kinds of birds. You can have a very pleasant time in such a garden. In addition to aesthetic purposes, these designs also cover issues such as environmental protection, energy saving and water management. It is also possible to make landscapes that can save water completely sustainable and ecological. In this way, you can take steps to combat the climate crisis as well as a visual feast.

How Should Landscape Design Be Done?

Landscape design construction involves a very complex process. It should be said from the beginning that this is an art. It is possible to create a much more successful environment when done by experts. If you want to impress people with your landscape, there are some factors to be considered. One of these factors is colors. Colors are one of the most important features that make the landscape successful and attractive. It is possible to choose the color as you wish. But at this point, if you want a colorful environment along the road, perennial plants should be preferred. Grouping colors is another important issue in terms of natural aesthetics. Trees and flowers should create color harmony in a balanced way.

Landscape Design and Form Relationship

Another issue is the form of the landscape. Form is an important issue related to how the environment will be perceived. Form includes almost every subject from the size of flowers to grass areas, from the use of stones to symmetry. Line and scale are other issues to be considered in landscape design. The dimensions of the area subject to landscaping are important in determining the relationship between plants and light. In a narrow area, the use of vertical gardens and moss walls will be especially beneficial. The use of vertical gardens in large gardens will allow the area to look like a separate place from the city. Finally, attention should be paid to the texture of the plants and designs should be created to give a sense of integrity. Landscape design will be much more long-lasting and aesthetically more successful when they are made by trained, expert people. These designs include the organization of systems such as landscaping, lighting and irrigation as well as plants.

Vertical Gardening in Design

Many different styles and structures can be used in landscape designs. One of the prominent ones is vertical gardens. Thanks to vertical gardens, landscapes achieve a much more successful appearance, especially in narrow spaces. The gardens to be made on the walls with plants in many different colors and varieties can give the feeling of being completely disconnected from the city. All kinds of shapes, patterns, writings and logos can also be made on these gardens. This situation is especially important for companies. Again, you can see many examples of this in vertical gardens in landscapes made for public institutions and organizations such as municipalities. Thanks to vertical gardens, landscape designs will have a much more successful appearance. The fact that there is almost no maintenance effort causes the gardens created in vertical areas to be used more as an element of the landscape. At the same time, moss walls are one of the options that are increasingly included in these landscapes. It is possible to create a paradise garden with landscape design. Along with plants, the construction of highly aesthetic waterways, the use of stones, the combination of natural and artificial products are important elements in creating an environment as you wish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many elements to consider in these designs. The first of these is the management of the area. In addition, your wishes will also affect the realization time of the design. In general, landscape design involves a long process. The main reason for this is the high level of detail.

When you contact a professional company for landscape design, the design phase starts first. After determining how many meters of area there is, it is listened to what kind of demands you have in terms of design. After that, some different suggestions can be made by experts. The emergence of the first design can cover a period of several months. In this process, we work completely with you. All information in the process is shared with you until the design is finalized. After your approval of the design, the planning process begins. After all the necessary materials are collected, the actual landscape design process begins. The continuously controlled process will enable you to achieve the landscape you demand.

The number of days it takes to complete a landscape design is directly related to your requirements and the size of the area. Large areas with very complex landscaping processes will require more time. Landscapes with simpler landscaping can be done in short periods of time.

Landscape design can be applied for by companies, public institutions, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals or just homeowners who want landscaping. Everyone knows that spending time in a colorful and tidy garden will make them happy. For this reason, landscape design is one of the applications that are increasing in popularity day by day.

There are many different factors that determine the cost of landscape design. The first of these factors is how large an area you have. In addition, your demands are also an important issue in determining prices. You should not forget that thousands of different materials can be used in landscape design. The infinite freedom of design has also enabled the creation of an unlimited situation in terms of budget.

Before considering landscape design costs, you need to decide what you want. After that, it will be much healthier to make the necessary changes in prices with experts. You can contact us immediately to get detailed information about landscape design and prices. Our experts will share all kinds of information with you about the landscape design you dream of, and offer all the necessary alternatives and flexible solutions.

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Yes. You can contact us for post-landscaping environmental maintenance and landscaping.

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