With our patented product, the Potted Vertical Garden System, concrete walls are practically transformed into vertical gardens with their own irrigation system. With this system, an alternative to other vertical garden applications has been created and designed to be easily installed by everyone. This system has advantages such as practical and easy installation, larger internal volume, the possibility of application in different geometric forms, robust and regular structure, ease of design changes, the ability to be applied in every climate worldwide, easy maintenance, suitability for all kinds of plant species, high visual value. In addition, there are many places where Silvanus Potted Vertical Garden System can be applied, including gardens, balconies, terraces, offices, shopping centers, hotels and hospitals.


Even if you do not have knowledge about the sector, you can also sign lucrative projects by participating in Silvanus’ dealership training program.

The vertical gardening sector has attracted great interest in recent years, especially due to the decrease in green areas in cities and the increase in environmental pollution. In order to stand out among the companies in this sector, it is very important that they present to their customers with a proven brand and strong references. With the Silvanus Potted Vertical Garden System, it helps our dealer companies to stand out with strong references and years of experience.

When you become a dealer of Silvanus, you can provide a fast and safe service to your customers with the vertical garden system that we send you ready for installation. Silvanus supplies the products of the system with a special 30% discount for its dealers. This adds more profit margin to you. In addition, we offer you many support, consultancy and privileges within the scope of dealership.

Facilities in Our Dealership

Silvanus offers many opportunities for vertical garden dealers that will make your work easier in all processes with your customers.

  • Silvanus Name Rights
  • System Installation Training
  • Architectural Support Consultancy
  • Technical Support Consultancy
  • Agricultural Support Consultancy
  • Sectoral Tricks
  • 30% Discounted System Supply for Our Dealers

Features of the Vertical Garden System

  • It is more practical and easy to install. You gain the opportunity to finish work faster than other systems, especially in large square meters.
  • The internal volume of the pots has a larger capacity than other systems. This allows plants to grow more efficiently.
  • All kinds of geometric forms can be applied. This provides the opportunity to create different designs than other systems in the world.
  • When a design change is desired, only the pots can be easily removed from their places and new designs can be made.
  • Since it is an earthed system, our system can be easily applied even in the coldest and hottest climates of the world.
  • All kinds of plants, seasonal, evergreen shrub groups, ground cover, ivy, tropical indoor ornamental plants can be placed.
  • After the application is finished, no infrastructure system under the plants is visible In this respect, it can be used in many places.

You can ask us for details about the dealership.

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Potted Vertical Garden

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Potted Vertical Garden

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