The benefits of a vertical garden


Vertical Garden vaporizes the water and cools the environment. It helps to decrease the traffic noise, heat islands of the city, balances sudden heat changes, and provides economy for the space consumed. It may create a forest effect with hundreds of plants even in a very small location.

It has a significant effect on the air of a closed environment since hundreds of plants produce oxygen with photosynthesis due to the fact that 20 to 30 plants are transplanted for each square meter even at shorter and narrower locations.

The VOC (toxic volatile organic compounds) in the air is bio filtered when they are absorbed through the leaves and the roots of plants within the habitat that we have created for the plants. It has a great contribution to the bio diversity. The plants grow by absorbing the greenhouse gas and store it within their tissues by acting as a carbon sponge in reality. The leaves of the plants do not only clean the toxic substances in the air but also it has been proven that they decrease the noise within environment by reflection and absorption. Human has used plants as a barrier for years to decrease the noise of traffic and the urban noise. The vertical garden application over the outer or inner surfaces of the buildings will obviously have the same effect.

We have various layouts for the plants within Silvanus Vertical Garden Systems. We plant out lots of plants in a small area. Hence, the amount of carbon absorbed (absorbed and stored) in a 20m2 of an area equals the same amount of carbon absorbed by a tree of a medium-seized.


There are physical and mental health effects of a wall having live plants over it. The evolution of humankind with the plants underlines the answer to the question of why human feel more peaceful, happy, and stress-free in a green environment. Some ophthalmologists claim that the eye of a human notices 2000 off shades of green whereas only 100 off shades of red can be noticed.

Green helps human by decreasing his/her stress with its refreshing effect on the body and the spirit and softens the cool view of concrete buildings, shopping malls, and roads. It is generally accepted that the people who work in a green environment are calm, happy and peaceful.

The most striking economic benefit of a Silvanus Vertical Garden System is its potential to increase 20% the value of a house or the value of any commercial real estate. It is helpful to create a positive feeling for the buyer about any real estate. The view of modern buildings, residences, and hotels are softened with Silvanus and warmth is embedded to them. Silvanus Vertical Garden Systems may replace the retaining walls that are frequently used for many housing projects or it may be applied over the surface of present walls and adds much greener spaces to the landscape areas of the projects.

Energy Saving:
Any object that is under radiation of sun naturally gets hot. This is also true for our buildings and the studies made abroad has revealed that the vertical gardens over the walls keep inside of the wall as calm as to 10 degrees by absorbing the UV radiation of the sun. In winter, the Vertical Garden System acts as an extra insulation material. The air gap between the surface of the wall and the system prevents the radiation of heat out of wall and prevents the cool air to be transferred into the inner locations from outside of wall. The transpiration process of the plants that we use in the system decreases the heat 3 to 7 degrees in indoor due to vertical gardens.

Silvanus Vertical Gardens in brief:
There are many positive effects and advantages of vertical gardens like decreasing the carbon emission, cleaning the air by giving oxygen, providing healthy environment, and shielding the undesirable views. We have already forgotten the birds, butterflies, and bees in urban life, but we may again see them flying over those plants and we may view the natural habitat from the dimension of vertical gardening.