The concept of creating natural surfaces on the walls goes back to the hanging gardens of Babylon that is one of the seven wonders of the world at BC 600. We observe the creeping plants, hedera helix, roses, and grapes on the walls of castles, manors, or picket fences in 17th century. But in 1988’s, those plants were incited to grow further and higher on vertical surfaces by constructing a systematic plane comprising steel cables on which they were creeping.

In 1990’s, the world famous French botanist Patric Blanc created the Vertical Gardening System and for the first time in history, the plants had been growing on the surface of a hydroponic culture with an integrated irrigation and fertilizing system. Thereafter, the concept of vertical gardening has constituted both a starting point and a source of inspiration for innovative companies.

Green wall system is divided into two concepts in world literature comprising greener front surfaces, and vertical gardens. The greener front surfaces are created by placing the flowerpots one after the other or by creeping plants that are climbing over the steel cables in brief. Vertical garden is based on its own system and a unique and aesthetic view is obtained.