It is the dream of all of us; get a garden from the most beautiful greenery. The more we look at her, the more we recall our connection with nature, the more we look at her and find peace. We are a full staff with our GREEN TEAM, each of whom loves nature and are experts in their fields; once again with the Terramoss brand.

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You can beautify your indoor and outdoor spaces with vertical gardens, and you can create your own green space in today's conditions where greenery is decreasing. Also, because you can give the desired shape to vertical gardens, it is entirely up to you to create beautiful images.

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Silvanus is Turkey's first company specializing in vertical gardens. Since 2011, it has been operating in the field of vertical gardens, Design, Installation and Maintenance. Discover our product range and shop for the perfect time!

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About Us

Silvanus is the first company that specializes on vertical garden systems in Turkey.

Silvanus Vertical Gardens There are many positive effects and advantages from reducing carbon emissions to improving the air by providing oxygen to the environment in which they are located, and to health and unwanted image camouflage.

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Carrying all that nature offers us the unique beauty of our walls, is still vivid in their first founded by maintaining the sustainability and health, increases the success of our brand in Turkey every day.


A. Münevver Sarıyaşar


Aslı Yeni

Graphic Designer

Ali ceylan

Landscape Architect Project Manager

Kazım Karabayır

Agricultural Engineer

Nur Bilgin Işık

Landscape Architect

Mustafa Yılmaz

Finance and Accounting Manager

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